Friday, 7 July 2017

Timber Nook!

Yesterday at my school we all went to Timber Nook. It was so cool I am going to tell you some things about Timber Nook and things you can do. Timber Nook is a fun place and you can make huts and play games like tug a war and making pancakes so yum Mmm. And some pictures of tug a war and the huts here there are. It was so fun and amazing and I hope you can do it one day with your school.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Pets Poem

Hey guys, today I have made a poem all about pets I have made a screencastify and it is the about my poem. It was hard because I had to make a screencastify and post it to my blog. 

Friday, 30 June 2017


Hey guys, today I am going to show my writing here it is:

Title: Lost & Found 2

It was a nice Summer morning, Kirsty asked me if wanted to go up the hills for the day and I said “yes”. The sun shining very bright, we kept on walking, the next hill came along.

The next hill had a sign it said “Go back or your regret it”. So Kirsty went for a closer look and when Kirsty looked back at me I was GONE! Kirsty went for help but instead she found my phone and a voice called out help me Kirsty said “Who is that”? A ghost came out, Kirsty said “AHH!! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME” The ghost said “it is not me who what's something’s it’s you” Kirsty said “what do you meen”? And the ghost said NIRVANA Kirsty said how do you know her”?

Kirsty tries to called someone but there was no service. She went looking for me once again. She found a boat and in it was a magic wand. Kirsty said the magic words abracadabra and I was there in a split second. I was there. Kirsty was so happy. I said"The last thing I remember was... disappearing. Where is my phone?" Kirsty says oh I saw it on the way here" So way do you do pick it up?" kirsty say "We can go back and get it now if you want"? I say " lets go"
In the forest Kirsty says  “We need to get your phone NOW” So we sailed to the forest and got her phone.

After calling my parents she said to me “ Do you think this was a good adventure”?  I reply with “Kind of” 5 minutes later Nirvana’s mum picks us up from the forest and we head home in her mum’s BIG BIG CAR. The end.

I have made a slide all about this and I have got it right here:
Hope you liked my writing bye!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Making a candy stripe friendship bracelet

Hey guys, today I have made a friendship bracelet and here is a video:  This bracelet is so easy to do you can do it that when its a rainy day and you have nothing to do. You can make it for your friend or you it is up to you. You can make more then one if you like it is so fun and cool you will what to make more ands more. I hope this make you and your friend more friendly. Bye for now.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Hay guys today I am writing about my friend Kirsty and I have got a slide about her:

Monday, 26 June 2017

Making my own board game

Hay guys and this week I am in the progress of making a board game from a book pig the winner here is a picture of the book it safe: There are some picture of my game here than are: The rules are this role a six to start. If you role a two durry the game you go back to the start. If you land on a bronze medal you go back to the start. Bye guys

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Helping the wildlife

Hay today I am going to show my slide. We went there in the weekend so here it is.