Thursday, 29 March 2018

Mde up easter story

Hey boys and girls today for writing we write this here is my one hope you enjoy.

Made up easter story!

Once there was a wise old friendly owl that lived in Nevaeh tree in her backyard.
It was easter and...she lost willcan not find her easter basket.
Her nest was a great basket for the easter egg hunt.
She needed colorful paint to paint her nest. But her chicks.
Done said the wise old friendly owl.
I will make one more nest.
It will be a new nest on color said the wise old owls chicks.
So the wise old owl went to the easter egg hunt.
She find 16 eggs some for her chicks.

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Bye Guys Hope You Enjoyed.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Food For Thought

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Hey Girls and Boys

This week there has been lady called Mikaela. 
We learned how to read labels on the food boxes.
Rendered ImageMikaela came on monday and tuesday and then on  wednesday. We went to pak n save to read there labels. At the end the manager called sue came out with a trolley full of lunchboxes and whiteboards to write you meals. Bye from Nirvana

Thursday, 15 March 2018

All About me!!

Hey Girls and Boys this week my Writing class has been writing about themselves here is my one:

Monday, 12 March 2018

My amazing dream

Hey girl and boys I have been working on this for at lest two week's. Hope you like this I work hard here it is. It a Dream I had:

One day there was a girl called Zoey she had two sisters she walked home with on mondays friday and wednesday. One tuesday Zoey was walking home with some friends Zoey lived in a hotel and her best friend lived in a house two blocks down. It is old and not a fun looking house but is cool to play in. When they walked home they went to the hotel Emma was hungry she ate two big cookies. The day came to a end and everyone full in a deep sleep but not Zoey and Emma. Zoey woke up first and then Emma. And then dream suddenly stop boom I woke up. I felt Amazing after.

Hope to rely on a comment


Image result for 2018  gifWelcome to 2018. I have been work hard for the last 7 weeks for you amazing people. Hope you had a fantastic holiday I definitely did. BYE

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

I lost my tooth

Hey Boys and Girls It Nirvana here. And lasted night I lost a tooth. I pull and pull It come out. I went to my mum and said Mum my tooth came out. Mum said ok can I have it and tooth fairy will come tonight.   
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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Pride and Achievement

Hey blog favs. Today we have been learning about Pride and Achievement. Here is a slide.